Our ambition is to make things possible

This is the start of an intensive and trusting collaboration: with our highly competent support, we can meet your individual needs. And you can rely on us to make your event a success.

Through our outstanding service and individual support, we aspire to establish a partnership based on balanced communication, competence and reliability. Our clients experience successful events which exceed their expectations. We are the facilitators of optimal events for our clients.

Basic service

Our basic services are available to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Technical provision

From power to water, and even compressed air, we can provide all the resources you need to put on your event.

Cleaning & waste disposal

We take care of the cleaning and waste disposal so that you can concentrate fully on your guests and event.


You can rely on us to provide all the resources you require on site in a timely manner.


Our emergency management system and professional safety team ensure your safety over the full event.

Internet, Wi-Fi and telephone services

We can guarantee excellent connectivity thanks to the internet and telephone services we provide.


If you require support in terms of mobility, our mobility concept offers you and your guests a comfortable arrival and departure, and convenient movement within the fairground.


We have plenty of parking available around the fairground.

Shuttle service & fairground bus

A shuttle service and exhibition bus gives you the option of moving around the fairground with comfort and convenience.

Airport shuttle

A reliable and comfortable transfer to and from the airport makes arrival and departure easier for guests who are travelling by plane.

GVH travel included in event ticket

Providing GVH tickets with the event ticket allows you and your guests to use public transport throughout the entire Hanover region free of charge.


Make yourselves comfortable! We’re happy to support you with our equipment services.

Event and stage technology

With out professional light, sound and video equipment, we can ensure clear communication and an appealing atmosphere.

Stand construction

We can create inviting and attractive spaces for you and your guests!


From seating to tables to presentation areas, we’re happy to provide you with whatever furniture you need!


Tasteful floristry doesn’t merely improve the aesthetic of your event, it also stirs emotions and captivates attention.


With our professional rigging, we don’t just guarantee the stability and safety of installations; we also enable creative layout options and the best utilisation of the available space.


Guidance systems, information signs, placards and XXL banners: from layout to assembly, printed or digital – we can offer extraordinary solutions for your particular requirements.


Discover culinary delights

Our catering partner aramak


If required, we can offer you access to professional support for your event, so that you can meet all your own needs as well as those of your guests.

  • Safety

    Our safety teams take preventive measures, monitor for issues and intervene quickly in emergencies to keep the event area safe and protected.

  • Cleaning

    Our professional cleaners make sure that your event locations look pristine and inviting at all times.

  • Service

    We have a top class customer service team ready to assist you and your guests with any questions or other concerns, ensuring that you have a pleasant time.

  • Cloakroom

    Our trained cloakroom staff will keep jackets, bags and other belongings safely stored for when you need them.

  • Hostesses

    The friendly faces of your event, our hostesses welcome your guests and act as points of contact for information materials and other concerns.

Deutsche Messe
30521 Hannover

+ 49 511 89 - 34444